Capabilities: Investment Management
Austin National creates a personalized portfolio of investments that reflects your unique investment goals and risk tolerance to achieve your stated investment return objectives.
We use a core combination of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, individual company stocks, and other investment vehicles. Because we are not restricted in our asset selection, nor do we have any proprietary products to sell, our research and selections are based purely on merit. And, we use tools from the recognized leaders in investment research.

Listen and Assess
We start our investment process by listening to your goals and objectives. Once we have a clear understanding of your risk tolerance and aspirations, we design your asset allocation. Your portfolio will contain a core group of investments common to our other portfolios but be specifically tailored to you.

We also evaluate your existing investments and work to incorporate holdings that have accrued tax liability or other restrictions.

Research and Select
We research, analyze, and continuously track performance on a select number of investments. Our portfolios are well diversified across all major assets classes, industry sectors, and regions of the world. And, we have access to thousands of investments, industry-leading research, and experienced investment advisors.

Our selections are based solely on merit as we sell no propriety products or meet any quotas. Investment portfolios are designed to meet your specific investment objectives.

Review and Reassess
Austin National regularly monitors your portfolio using advanced systems and will recommend and implement changes that respond to new developments in the market. We also stay abreast of your cash flow needs and choose liquid investments that can be readily sold if needed.

We rigorously challenge our assumptions, review the performance of the assets we select, educate you on our strategy, and provide a regular forum to discuss changes in your financial picture. Our team of highly qualified professionals and advisors oversee this process and stand ready to assist you and answer any questions you have along the way.

Securities and investment advisory services offered through FSC Securities Corporation, Member FINRA/SIPC and a registered investment adviser.
Additional investment advisory services offered through ANFS, Inc., a registered investment adviser not affiliated with FSC Securities Corporation.
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