Resource Center: Life Perspectives

Life as an Entreprenuer >>
You’ve managed to take an idea or specialized skill and make a successful business out of it.  With that success comes complexity.  You’re faced with the challenge of managing and growing your business, staying on top of changing rules and regulations, properly rewarding your employees and partners, and reinvesting the profits of your enterprise wisely.  All that and you still have to make sure not to miss the dance recital.  Your most precious resource is time.  Everyone looks to you for answers, yet you have questions of your own.  Who do you look to for answers?
Life in Transition >>
When a loved one dies or a marriage dissolves the remaining partner is left in with an unexpected transition. Your mind is filled with a mix of new responsibilities and uncertainty coupled with grief and sorrow. What do I do now? Where do I start? Do I have enough assets to meet my prior goals? Will I have to sell my home? Do I have the right investment strategy? Do I even have an investment strategy? How can I get things back to the way they were?
Life as an Executive >>
As a corporate executive, you are asked to manage large groups of people in remote locations, travel to visit existing and potential customers, answer countless emails and phone calls, and of course keep the boss happy. The demands of the position leave little time for you to effectively deal with your increasingly complex set of compensation and employee benefits. Questions swirl through your mind as you board yet another plane. What employee benefits should I sign up for? How much should I be putting into my 401(k)? How should I allocate the funds that I put into the plan? What about my stock options, restricted stock, and employer stock purchase? Did I miss the deadline to sign up?  How can I manage a global team and not be able to balance my check book?
Life as a Retiree >>
You’ve worked in the same industry for decades, diligently saving for day when working life comes to a close and retirement begins. As the day comes closer your thoughts turn to questions. Do I have enough money to retire? How can I make my investments look like my paycheck? Do I really want to stop working altogether? How will I fill my time? How can I continue to utilize my talents, while freeing up some of my time? Are my investments allocated correctly for this stage of my life? When should I start taking my social security and why does it matter? How can I monitor my progress and stay on a plan? Do I even have I plan?
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